Schweizer, Daniela

I was born in the South of Germany and studied veterinary medicine in Munich. First, I worked in a private small animal clinic in Augsburg, Germany, before I moved to the Vetsuisse-Faculty Bern for the residency in diagnostic imaging. Since then, I was working as faculty member and later assistant professor. Since February 2016, I am Professor and Head of the Division of Clinical Radiology in Bern.  My main interest is neuroimaging, and I learnt a lot from correlation of MRI signal to histopathology. My current research interest is to develop MRI techniques to measure CSF flow and intracranial pressure in dogs. But most important, I am committed to providing the best diagnostic imaging for our clinical patients and to choosing the most appropriate and efficient imaging modality for each patient. I am also committed to the interests of the veterinary profession, and I am a board member of the Swiss veterinary society.