Grinwis, Guy

Guillaume (Guy) Cornelis Maria Grinwis did his residency training at the Pathobiology department of the Veterinary faculty (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) leading to board certification as specialist in veterinary pathology by the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association (KNMvD) in 1995.
His PhD thesis entitled ‘Health effects of some aquatic pollutants in European flounder : Laboratory experiments with emphasis on histopathological and immunological aspects.’ was published in May 2006.
Since 1990, he is appointed at the Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Centre (VPDC) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he currently is an associate professor in veterinary pathology. As such, he plays a leading role in the diagnostic service of the VPDC and is involved in post-graduate training of residents in veterinary pathology and residents in clinical veterinary sciences (e.g. internal medicine, ophthalmology, and oncology) as well as teaching students of veterinary medicine.
He has special interest in liver pathology and ocular pathology, and participates in (inter)national research projects on regenerative medicine and stem cells in the fields of liver disease, pathologies of the intervertebral disc, and tumors of endocrine organs.