Poster Abstracts

ESVCP - European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology 
ESVCP-P-1 Jensen Characterization of reticulated platelets in cats with cardiovascular disease
ESVCP-P-2 Walker Seasonal variation of serum metabolite profiles in northern European dogs
ESVCP-P-3 Pierini Diagnosis of urinary bladder malignant tumors using squash-preparation samples in 61 dogs
ESVCN - European society of Veterinary & Comparative Nutrition 
ESVCN-P-1 Pires Gonçalves Assessment of a proactive approach to pet obesity prevention by Portuguese veterinary nurses and technicians
ESVCN-P-2 Pires Gonçalves Are Portuguese veterinarians taking the initiative on preventing small animal obesity? – a survey-based study
ESVCN-P-3 German A cohort study to examine associations between initial weight loss outcomes and overall success of a controlled weight loss programme in dogs with obesity
ESVCN-P-4 Bjornvad Outcome and factors affecting success of a controlled weight loss program for dogs
ESVCN-P-5 Dupont Experiences with feeding a hydrolyzed protein diet to dogs with acute diarrhea: A prospective pilot study
ESVCN-P-6 Nybroe Outcome related to acquired Fanconi syndrome associated with ingestion of jerky treats in 30 dogs
ESVCN-P-7 Andersson Exploration of body weight in 115 000 young adult dogs of 72 breeds
ESVIM - European Society of Veterinary Internal Medicine 
ESVIM-P-2 Olivares Use of tranexamic acid in dogs with primary ITP. A feasibility study
ESVIM-P-3 Bouzouraa Usefulness of chlorambucil for treatment of canine Steroid-Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis
ESVIM-P-4 Urion Serologic testing and radiographic measurements of the tracheobronchial lymphoid soft tissue in dogs with pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
ESVIM-P-5 Krautmann T-cell dependent immune responses in cats treated with frunevetmab
ESVIM-P-6 Théron Autologous blood-patch pleurodesis treatment for persistent pneumothorax in 5 dogs
ESVIM-P-7 Lin Quantifiable features of the tidal breathing pattern in dogs with severe bronchomalacia
ESVIM-P-8 Robin Meta-analysis of complication rates of tracheal stenting in dogs
ESVIM-P-9 Blasi Brugué Evaluation of canine fresh frozen plasma CRI: risk of contamination and effects on albumin and coagulation factors
ESVIM-P-10 Enache SARS-CoV-2 and the veterinary profession: a longitudinal-study in Italy (February 23-July 1, 2020)
ESVIM-P-11 Herter Alloimmunization in dogs following transfusion: a serial crossmatch study
ESVIM-P-12 Schils Hypertension in apparently healthy elderly dogs: Prevalence and comparison of in clinic versus at home measurement with Doppler ultrasonic technique
ESVIM-P-13 Toone Assessment of circulating inflammatory mediators in dogs with tracheal collapse
ESVIM-P-14 Nagel Stopping leaks in the chamber – differences in valve performance on inhalation and exhalation leakage for pet inhaler therapy
ESVIM-P-15 Katsaouni Evaluation of serum c-reactive protein, neutrophil-lymphocytic ratio and abdominal fluid cell count in dogs with septic and non-septic abdominal exudates
ISCAID - International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases 
ISCAID-P-1 Tabar Prevalence of vector borne pathogens in owned dogs from mediterranean area with cranial  cruciate ligament rupture
ISCAID-P-2 Roels Assessment of both IDEXX Angio Detect on bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and  Angiostrongylus vasorum quantitative polymerase chain reaction on EDTA blood in dogs that tested negative for IDEXX Angio Detect on EDTA blood
ISCAID-P-3 Carrasco Agulló Honney-coomb spleen pattern in dogs and cats with leishmaniosis
ISCAID-P-4 Machado Identification of prognostic factors in dogs hospitalized due to acute Leptospira spp. infection
ISCAID-P-5 Machado Canine parvovirosis versus canine distemper: risk factors, hospitalization course, and outcome
ISCAID-P-6 Kohn Autochthonous Babesia canis infections in 25 dogs in Berlin/Brandenburg (Germany)
ISCAID-P-7 Schäfer Infections with Babesia spp. in dogs living in Germany (2007-2020)
ISCAID-P-8 González Relationship between novel biomarkers of glomerular function and circulating antibody levels in advanced leishmaniosis stages in dogs
ISCAID-P-9 Rodríguez-Sanz Cytokine modulation of the innate immune response in natural canine leishmaniosis
ISCAID-P-10 Baxarias Use of serological screening tools to detect canine antibodies against Leishmania infantum in Spain
ISCAID-P-11 Pomba Rising trends on ESBL–producing Enterobacterales clinical strains from companion animals
ISCAID-P-12 Vilhena Serosurvey of Coxiella burnetii in companion animals from Portugal
SCH - Society of Comparative Hepatology 
SCH-P-1 Rahmani Quantitative evaluation of gallbladder, cystic duct, and common bile duct size by magnetic resonance cholangiography in cats – a post mortem pilot study
SCH-P-2 Tulone Serum protein electrophoresis in dogs with chronic hepatitis
SCH-P-3 Specchia Serum bile acids in a referral population of dogs with liver diseases
SCH-P-4 Gabriel First Description and Preliminary Characterization of a Microfluidic Canine Liver-on-a-Chip
ESVC- European Society of Veterinary Cardiology 
ESVC-P-1 Claretti Relationship between weight and aortic annulus in male and female Boxer dogs
ESVC-P-2 Vezzosi Diagnostic accuracy of the precordial lead system for the detection of right ventricular enlargement in dogs
ESVC-P-3 van Israel Laryngeal hemiplegia following surgical ligation of a patent ductus arteriosus in 4 dogs
ESVC-P-5 Robledo Effects of levomepromazine on left ventricular systolic function and blood pressure in propofol and isoflurane-anesthetized dogs
ESVC-P-6 Novo Matos Thin and akinetic left ventricular myocardial segments in cats
ESVC-P-7 Hanås Breed and sex affect serum cardiac troponin I concentration in healthy cats
ESVC-P-8 Poissonnier Clinical, echo-doppler features and prognosis of dogs with chordae tendineae rupture related to degenerative mitral valve disease (500 cases, 2009-2019)
ESVC-P-9 Alvarado Masis Survival analysis and predictive value of global and regional right ventricular function variables assessed by conventional echocardiography, speckle tracking imaging and two-dimensional color tissue Doppler imaging, in dogs with congenital pulmonic stenosis: a prospective study of 75 cases (2013-2020)
ESVC-P-10 Caivano Two-dimensional echocardiographic estimates of left atrial volumes obtained from two different views in dogs are similar but not interchangeable
ESCG - European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology 
ESCG-P-1 Heilmann Electrolyte imbalances in dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathies
ESCG-P-2 Zornow Fecal S100A12 (Calgranulin C) Concentrations in Cats with Chronic Enteropathies
ESCG-P-3 Werner Alterations of fecal unconjugated primary bile acids and correlation with abundance of C. hiranonis in dogs with chronic enteropathy
ESCG-P-4 Hanifeh Correlation of intestinal histopathologic findings with mucosa-attached bacteria, clinical disease activity, and clinical outcome in dogs with chronic enteropathies
ESCG-P-5 Gori Evaluation of serum biochemical and urinary parameters suggesting renal involvement in a population of dogs with primary chronic enteropathy
ESCG-P-6 Greil First attempt at using Narrow Band Imaging-like endoscopy to differentiate chronic enteropathy and alimentary lymphoma in dogs
ESCG-P-8 Busch Evaluation of the efficacy of an ultra-hydrolyzed diet in the management of chronic diarrhea in dogs
ESCG-P-9 Ferriani The microbiome composition in dogs with suspected antibiotic-responsive diarrhea and the effect of tylosin on it: a multicentric-perspective case-control study
ESCG-P-10 Vezzosi Primary Chronic Enteropathy in Dogs: What Cardiovascular Effects?
ESCG-P-11 Blake Serum amino acid concentrations in dogs with chronic enteropathies prior to treatment, and correlation with clinical activity index and gastrointestinal histopathology
ESCG-P-12 Xenoulis Serum concentrations of fPLI, fTLI, cobalamin, and folate in growing kittens
ESCG-P-13 Herstad Influence of canine-specific lactic-acid bacteria on the fecal microbiota and inflammatory markers in dogs receiving nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory treatment – a prospective, randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled trial
ESCG-P-14 Barko Fecal bile acids and microbial amino acid metabolites in serum are correlated with fecal zonulin in dogs with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
ESCG-P-15 Cocci Modification of fecal microbiota and disease activity index with only nutritional intervention in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease: a retrospective study in 17 dogs
ESCG-P-16 Douay Endoscopic resection of benign gastroduodenal polyp in six cats: procedure, complications and outcome
ESCG-P-17 Cocci Specific Operational Taxonomic Units can be used as potential diagnostic markers for inflammatory bowel disease in dogs? A preliminary metagenomic analysis study
ESVNU - European Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology 
ESVNU-P-1 Breu Study of 4970 uroliths in cats over a five year period
ESVNU-P-3 Jesus Xanthinuria Secondary to Allopurinol Treatment in Dogs with Leishmaniosis: Current Perspectives of the Iberian Veterinary Community
ESVNU-P-4 Mortier Effect of storage time and temperature on feline urinary protein: creatinine ratio
ESVNU-P-6 Dias Canine and Feline Urolithiasis in Portugal: new trends and findings - a retrospective study of 13 years (2007 – 2020)
ESVNU-P-7 Gori May urinary neutrophilic degeneration and intracellular bacteria predict urine culture outcome in canine suspected urinary tract infections?
ESVNU-P-8 Tai Sodium bicarbonate 8.4% as a potential alternative to unfractionated heparin as a dialysis catheter locking solution: a pilot study
ESVNU-P-9 Marynissen Comparison of Doppler ultrasonic technique and High Definition Oscillometric systolic blood pressure measurements in conscious apparently healthy elderly dogs
ESVNU-P-10 González Evaluation of the safety of alogenic adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells (aAMSC) therapy in dogs diagnosed with glomerular disease: short- and medium- term
ESVNU-P-11 Nelaton Urolithiasis in dogs: a retrospective study of 6,700 canine urinary stones collected from 2016 to 2020 in France and analyzed by infrared spectrometry
ESVNU-P-12 Mantelli Longitudinal follow-up of renal function, hydration and electrolytic status of dogs affected by immune-mediated diseases and treated with oral prednisolone
ESVNU-P-13 Afonso Urinary clusterin as a potential biomarker for the early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease in cats
ESVNU-P-14 Krafft Plasma concentration of the activated and non-activated forms of the extrahepatic vitamins K-dependent protein Matrix Gla Protein in healthy dogs and dogs with chronic kidney diseases
ESVNU-P-15 Lund Long-term follow-up of Norwegian dogs with acquired Fanconi syndrome
ESVE - European Society of Veterinary Endocrinology 
ESVE-P-1 Knowlden Use of a mobile phone application to evaluate quality of life of diabetic pets and their owners
ESVE-P-2 Urbanschitz Glycemic variability in non-diabetic, healthy beagle dogs
ESVE-P-3 Jaffey Phagocytic function, inflammatory phenotype, and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in dogs with diabetes mellitus
ESVE-P-4 Rothlin-Zachrisson The ones that did not make it: Owners’ perceptions and reasons for why cats with diabetes mellitus were euthanized within four weeks of diagnosis
ESVE-P-5 Roberts Assessment of euthanasia rates of dogs diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in primary care practice in Australia
ESVE-P-6 Corsini Feline hypersomatotropism: the owners’ point of view
ESVE-P-7 Corsini Feline hypersomatotropism: what is the veterinarians’ approach to the disease?
ESVE-P-8 Oliveira Feline Adrenomegaly in Clinical Practice – a retrospective study
ESVE-P-9 Pérez-López Evaluation of the ACTH stimulation test using a low-dose of a depot formulation in healthy dogs and in dogs with naturally occurring Cushing’s syndrome
ESVE-P-10 Golinelli Myotonia associated with naturally occurring canine hypercortisolism: 30 cases (1984-2020)
ESVE-P-11 Golinelli Evaluation of serum electrophoresis in dogs with pituitary-dependent hypercortisolism
ESVE-P-12 Carvalho Treatment and monitoring of naturally-occurring hypercortisolism by primary care veterinarians: a Western European survey
ESVE-P-13 García San José Changes in systolic blood pressure in dogs with adrenal dependent hyperadrenocorticism during trilostane treatment or after adrenalectomy
ESVE-P-14 Ottka 1H NMR metabolomics identifies multiple metabolites associated with persistently elevated cortisol
ESVE-P-15 Robredo Corta Evaluation of ACTH-stimulation test, urinary cortisol to creatinine ratio and urinary specific gravity as monitoring tools in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism
ESVE-P-16 Rebelo The impact of low-dose dexamethasone suppression test patterns in clinical practice – a retrospective study
ESVE-P-17 Kurtz Prediction of azotemia in medically-treated hyperthyroid cats: an attempt to identify risk factors and to develop a scoring system
ESVE-P-18 Schils Investigation to detect of traces of methimazole in the urine of owners of hyperthyroid cats
ESVE-P-19 Bree Retrospective comparison of different vitamin D analogues in the management of canine primary hypoparathyroidism
ESVONC - European Society of Veterinary Oncology 
ESVONC-P-1 Pierini Urinary bladder rhabdomyosarcoma in seven dogs
ESVONC-P-2 Vilhena Adenosine deaminase and uric acid in feline spontaneous malignant mammary tumors