Oral presentations

We invite you to prepare a 12-minute oral presentation, which will be followed by a 3-minute slot for discussion (broadly equating to ~12 slides at 1 minute per slide).

In the interest of time, please focus your presentation on the research aims, results and discussion. Keep the introduction as short as possible. We also encourage making use of visuals as much as possible, rather than having text heavy slides.

This year’s ECVIM congress will take place online. In order to avoid internet connection problems and ensure a smooth streaming of all keynote lectures and abstracts, all presentations will be pre-recorded before the congress and streamed at the scheduled hour during the congress.

Hence, we would like to ask you to submit a pre-recorded presentation of your abstract (12 min) by August 10.

To preserve a lively discussion in this year’s congress and give an opportunity to the delegates to ask questions about your research, a live Q&A chat of 3 minutes will take place immediately after your abstract is streamed.

For ECVIM-CA residents it is important to underline that these presentations are valid for your credentials. For ECVIM-CA diplomates, this presentation format will be accepted for your re-accreditation

Abstracts selected for an oral presentation will be published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, except those submitted to ESVCP, which will be published in the JVCP. All abstracts will be published in the 2021 online proceedings of the ECVIM-CA congress as well as on www.vin.com

Presenters of abstracts (oral and poster) must register for the entire congress at reduced costs. Presenting authors of accepted scientific research communications are eligible for a reduced registration fee for the scientific programme of the entire congress. 
Please inform us as soon as possible if, after your abstract is accepted, you cannot attend the congress. To make sure that your abstract will be included in the on-line proceedings, it is required that you have registered for the congress before the 20 July 2021. Your abstract will be withdrawn from the on-line proceedings in the case that you do not attend the congress.

Oral and or poster presenters who do not attend the congress (and do not inform us that they cannot attend) will not be allowed either to submit an abstract or to attend congress the following year. Further, the abstract will be withdrawn from the online proceedings, and will not be published in the respective scientific journal.