Oral presentations

Oral presentations are limited to a 12-minute presentation with 3 minutes for discussion. Authors of oral abstracts need to bring their presentation on USB to the congress centre, it should be handed in in the speaker ready room. Please note that Powerpoint must be used. If necessary, last minute changes can be made in the speaker ready room. Abstracts selected for an oral presentation will be published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, except those submitted to ESVCP, which will be published in the JVCP. All abstracts will be published in the 2020 online proceedings of the ECVIM-CA congress as well as on www.vin.com

Presenters of abstracts (oral and poster) must register for the entire congress at reduced costs. The registration link including a special fee (Fee Presenter of a clinical research abstract) will be sent to you together with the acceptance letter. This special fee is only applicable for one author of the abstract i.e. the presenting author. 
Please inform us as soon as possible if, after your abstract is accepted, you cannot attend the congress. To make sure that your abstract will be included in the on-line proceedings, it is required that you have registered for the congress before the 25 July 2020. Your abstract will be withdrawn from the on-line proceedings in the case that you do not attend the congress.

Oral and or poster presenters who do not attend the congress (and do not inform us that they cannot attend) will not be allowed either to submit an abstract or to attend congress the following year. Further, the abstract will be withdrawn from the online proceedings, and will not be published in the respective scientific journal.

Please note that there is no honorarium or travel fund for abstracts presenters.