Blanchard, Geraldine

Dr Géraldine Blanchard
DVM, PhD, agregée, Dipl.ECVCN

Dr Géraldine Blanchard is a graduated from the Vet School of Alfort (France) in 1994.
She passed the French academic abilitation (agregation), defended her PhD on Lipoprotein metabolism and Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats. She holds board certification in the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN).

Until 2006, she developed Clinical Nutrition at the Vet School of Alfort as associate Professor. In 2007, she moved to Australia for a sabbatical which turned into a position of Senior Lecturer in Nutrition (UQ, St Lucia, QLD).
Back to France, she launched in 2008 an online nutrition service cuisine-a-crocs.com, now offering balanced tailored recipes for dogs and cats for more than 140 situations (healthy and one disease or more) from Geraldine's logarithms (including home-made-diets, mixed diets or commercial pet food, and treats), in French and English.
In order to balance the mixed diets and the home cooked diets for dogs and cats, she launched a range of mineral vitamin supplements, Vit’i5, on the market since 2008.

Dr Géraldine Blanchard has been a consultant for the petfood industry worldwide, from ingredients, formulation, regulation to the training of task force.

Author and co-author of countless continuing education ressources, books and book chapters, as well as original research on clinical nutrition, Dr Géraldine Blanchard is a renowned international ressource within animal nutrition.