Domingo, Pilar

Pilar Domingo Calap is a Ramón y Cajal researcher at the Institute of Integrative Systems Biology (University of Valencia-CSIC), where she leads the Environmental and Biomedical Virology Group. She received her PhD in Biology with honors from the University of Valencia and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Strasbourg. Her lab is mainly focused on the isolation and detection of viruses in nature with biomedical applications. Environmental virology, viral emergence, virus evolution, and phage discovery in the biomedical context, are her main research lines. She is interested in translational research and has transfer contracts with national companies for biomedical and biotech purposes. In 2022, she has been awarded the Young Virologist Award (Spanish Society of Virology, SEV), and the III International Zendal Award in Human Health, in recognition of her research in phage therapy. Finally, highlight her work in scientific outreach (VLC Phage Hunters) and the launch of a spin-off focused on phage-based solutions, Evolving Therapeutics SL.