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The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) exists to promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science. Organisers of the largest annual small animal congress, producers of quality CPD, and publishers of highly respected veterinary manuals; BSAVA provides practical and relevant resources to its vet and VN members.


Ceva Animal Health is a global animal health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animals, livestock, swine and poultry. Although Ceva has grown to become a global company, we have managed to retain the spirit of a small to medium-sized enterprise. We owe our existence to the farmers, pet owners and veterinarians who support us. As a result, we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible products and services. The bond between humans and animals forms an essential part of life. We believe it should be embraced and reflected in science as well. We aim to provide products and services that not only protect and improve the lives of animals, but ultimately the well-being of every person in our global community.

CVS Referrals Small Animal

Centres for clinical excellence.
Talk to us about your future with CVS Referrals. If you are a vet with, or working towards achieving, a diploma or  certificate, or if you would like to nurse within a referrals environment and believe you have what it takes, we would love you to get in touch.

Infiniti Medical

With a presence in five continents and twenty-three countries, Infiniti Medical is the largest producer and distributor of veterinary stents and image guided devices worldwide. Proprietary products include our Vet Stent® line of stents, Amplatz Canine Duct Occluder, catheters, Vet Balloons, sheaths, guidewires, and more. 



IVC Group is Europe’s leading veterinary care provider with over 870 clinics and over 8,000 veterinarians and nurses based across 8 countries. We are redefining veterinary care by investing in our people, premises and processes to provide clinical excellence across the continent.

LEROY Biotech

LEROY Biotech is a French company which produces and sells worldwide electrochemotherapy devices dedicated to veterinary medicine since 2012. Thanks to the efficacy of our easy-to-use devices proven in many publications, we can count on more than 70 customers on the 5 continents. The DVM of these clinics and schools treat every day all kind of skin tumors (squamous cell carcinomas, fibrosarcomas, carcinomas, adenocarcinomas, melanomas, mast cell tumors, perianal tumors, sarcomas, lymphosarcomas, sarcoids, haemangiopericytoma, schwannomas, sarcoids and others) on small and large animals.

Purina Institute

The Purina Institute is a new organization within Purina that is responsible for sharing the latest scientific findings and groundbreaking research in companion animal nutrition. As the voice of PURINA’s science, the Purina Institute represents an extensive global research network, which has developed innovative nutritional breakthroughs for nearly a century; breakthroughs that have redefined the industry’s standards of pet nutrition for healthy cats and dogs and those requiring specialized clinical nutrition. Because we believe science is more powerful when it is shared, the Purina Institute will promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with veterinary and scientific thought leaders from around the world with the goal of elevating the nutrition conversation within the veterinary community.

S+BmedVet GmbH

S+BmedVET is specialised in developing, producing and distributing innovative state of the art technology specifically designed for animals. HDO(R) (High Definition Oscillometry), the first non-invasive GOLD STANDARD blood pressure technology (Martel et al 2013) sets a new dimension in cardio-vascular, renal and endocrine diagnosis. This computer based technology allows not only for highest accuracy and reliability but additionally for pulse wave analysis (PWA) to gain information on Stroke Volume Variance, Systemic Vascular Resistance, Rhythm and hemodynamic impact of Arrhythmia. It is the only unit working with 32 bit high speed processor technology , overcoming limitations , other blood pressure technologies always had and still have.


Stöpler Instrumenten en Appraten B.V.

Animal owners are increasingly keen to ensure that examinations, treatment and if necessary surgery for the animal patient is performed as atraumatically as possible. Every improvement in diagnostic and surgical techniques made possible by endoscopy methods – particularly those that minimize trauma – represents progress for the welfare of both animals and owners.
KARL STORZ has amassed a wealth of experience in human endoscopy that few manufacturers can match. With this knowledge and in collaboration with veterinarian specialist, we developed endoscopy systems for all areas of veterinary medicine. Our product specialists are pleased to help you with choosing the right endoscope.