Zentek, J├╝rgen

Prof. Zentek received his degree as veterinarian in 1985 from the Veterinary school of Hannover. He received his doctoral degree in 1987 and the degree as specialist in animal nutrition and dietetics in 1993. The habilitation (venia legendi at the Hannover Vet School) was finalized in 1994. He had an extraordinary professorship at the Hannover vet school from 1999-2001. After one year as research scientist in Bristol/UK, school of veterinary science, he was appointed on the chair of clinical nutrition at the Veterinary University of Vienna where he also became the head of the institute of nutrition. In 2005, he was appointed as professor at the Institute of Animal Nutrition, Freie Universität Berlin. The main research interests cover the role of nutrition for the intestinal microbiota and immunity of the gastrointestinal tract. Prevention of health disorders in domestic animals is one of the main topics of the institute with a specific focus on gastrointestinal diseases.