Schut, Suzanne

Suzanne Schut is a staff member of the School of Health Professions Education (SHE) at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She holds a master degree in Educational Sciences. She is appointed as educational advisor within the Assessment Taskforce and responsible for the assessment and quality assurance of assessment within the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. She is chair of the review committee for knowledge testing. She has a lot of experience with educational development and design and several years of experience with teaching and faculty development. First focusing on educational design and innovation and later on item and scenario writing, assessment and feedback within the workplace. 

Her research focuses on programmatic assessment, and more specifically the learning potential of assessment within this approach. Programmatic assessment can be used as a framework when designing assessment programmes that are aimed at optimising both the learning and the decision-making function of assessment. However, implementing this approach is a challenge and many of the principles are still uncertain in practice. In her research, Suzanne aims to unravel and validate the concepts underlying the theoretical model of programmatic assessment. Topics of interest are; assessment for learning; self-regulate learning, and student-teacher relationships within the assessment environment.