Rishniw, Mark

Mark graduated from Melbourne University in 1987 and went into practice in Melbourne, Australia. After 4 years in practice, he started, and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Washington State University. He then completed a residency in cardiology at UC Davis, and was subsequently board certified in both specialties. After a year as registrar at Melbourne University, he joined the cardiology service at Cornell University in 1997. Three years later, he embarked on a PhD, and emerged with diploma in hand 9 years later. During this time, he joined the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), where he currently works as a consultant in cardiology and coordinates clinical research projects. He is also an adjunct professor at Cornell University, assisting with teaching and clinical research.
Mark has co-authored over 180 peer-reviewed publications on a variety of topics ranging from statistical analyses of heartworm disease to delusional parasitosis. He has a particular interest in cardiac mensuration, especially of the left atrium. Mark regularly speaks at international meetings and has been an invited speaker at several meetings on cardiac issues. His hobbies include biostatistics, cycling, woodworking and house repairs. He is married and has a Labrador named Yarra.