Peremans, Kathelijne

Kathelijne Peremans qualified in 1983 as veterinary surgeon and started specializing in medical imaging at the University of Liverpool, UK, and Ghent, Belgium. She obtained the certificate of veterinary radiology in 1985 and in 1994 became diplomate of the college of European Veterinary Medical Imaging. In 1996 she started nuclear medicine training at the human university hospital in Ghent, Belgium. In 2001 she started the division of nuclear veterinary medicine at the Gent veterinary faculty of which she became head. In 2002 she obtained the PhD on Single Photon Emission Computed Tomographical brain imaging in normal and behavior disordered dogs. This research line persists up till now and lead to more PhD's, including research on the influence of anaesthetics, psychopharmaca and neuromodulation on functional brain imaging and on the use of this imaging modality in epilepsy. Next to brain, she set up other research lines in connection with bone, thyroid and kidney disease using scintigraphy. Access to the human Ghent university hospital PET/CT infrastructure, made this modality available for research projects. Regarding the clinical use of nuclear medicine at the veterinary nuclear medicine division, both diagnostic procedures as well as radionuclide therapy are currently performed. Hyperthyroid cats as well as tumour bearing dogs are treated with radioiodine and other radiopharmaceuticals.