Pedrinelli, Vivian

Vivian graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the University of Sao Paulo - Brazil (FMVZ-USP) and completed the residency program in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition of Dogs and Cats at the School of Agrarian and Veterinary Sciences at the Sao Paulo State University - campus Jaboticabal/Brazil. She has a Masters degree from the Program of Post Graduation in Veterinary Clinics of  FMVZ-USP - Brazil, with emphasis in small animal nutrition, and is currently a doctorate candidate at the same program. She is one of the partners at Diet Lab formulation software and NutricareVet, a company specialized in client-owned pet nutrition consultation, lectures, and consulting for pet food companies. She is a founding-member of the Brazilian Society of Nutrition and Nutrology of Dogs and Cats (SBNutri pet), is part of the Nutrology Service team of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of  FMVZ-USP - Brazil and is a member of the Pet Nutrology Research Center (CEPEN Pet) of the same institution. She has published as an author and coauthor more than 28 articles and has several research awards in the field of small animal nutrition, including the ESVCN’s Waltham Student award for best abstract presentation in 2020.