Carciofi, Aulus

Graduated on veterinary medicine, professor of the College of Agrarian and Veterinarian Sciences of UNESP (São Paulo State University), Jaboticabal campus, Brazil, where teach the undergraduate discipline Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases of Dogs and Cats, and the graduation disciplines Clinical Nutrition and Formulation and Thermomechanical Processing of Pet Food. In 2001 created and is the coordinator of the Residency Program on Clinical Nutritional of Dogs and Cats, on the Teaching Veterinary Hospital of UNESP, where finished until now the supervision of 19 veterinarians. In 2002 created and is the head of the Laboratory of Research on Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases of Dogs and Cats, where more than 56 dissertations and doctorate experiments were conducted until now. Coordinate the Laboratory of Extrusion, supervising researches on pet food production. Member of the directory of the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition and President of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Nutrition of Dogs and Cats. Currently is Associate Faculty Member of the Department of Grain Science, Kansas State University, EUA. Published more than 96 scientific papers and 11 book chapters. Received more than 33 awards on scientific and teaching activities.