Bussadori, Claudio

Claudio Bussadori
Graduated Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (1982).
ECVIM ca (Cardiology) Diplomat (Founding Diplomat) 1993.
Graduated Medical Doctor (2001), PhD in Cardiovascular phatophisiology (2007)
Specialist in cardiovascular diseases (2016)
National Scientific Qualification as full professor in Veterinary Internal Medicine and Pharmacology. 2016 (D.D. 1532/2016). Numeric indicators: Median exceeded 3/3
Honorary member of the ESVC.
Director of Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso in Milano Italy, and Director of an ECVIM Residency program (Cardiology) based in the same clinic.
Researcher at paediatric cardiology department of S. Donato Hospital S. Donato Milanese Italy.
Speaker on Cardiology and Echocardiography in various International meeting in Human and Veterinary Cardiology, Teacher and instructor in courses on advanced echocardiography held in several different University and private Institution. Author of several original articles and book chapters on Human and Veterinary Cardiology.
From 2012 to the present Lecturer on Small Animal Cardiology University of Naples, Federico II Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
From 2012 to the present Lecturer on Echocardiography, University of Milan Faculty of Medicine
Field of research: Diagnosis, epidemiology and interventional treatment of congenital heart diseases in dogs Echocardiography and pathophysiology of congenital cardiac diseases in humans,
application of new echocardiographic technologies (2D Strain and 3D echocardiography) in human and veterinary cardiology.