Burg, Shira

I graduated from the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, in 2016. Since graduation, while working full time in critical care and emergency medicine centers I have been developing a passion for cardiology and for the past 5 years, have been combining clinical cardiology in my day to day practice, including participation in interventional cardiology procedures in dogs at the Hebrew University VTH.

Prepare for a cardiology residency, I have decided to broaden my knowledge in cardiac electrophysiology, and am currently pursuing a PhD degree in cardiac electrophysiology. I am deeply involved in developing a novel drug for the treatment of atrial fibrillation and cardiac fibrosis, at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine of the Tel Aviv University, Israel.

At the same time, the realization of unmet needs in the field of valvular heart disease in both humans and small animals has led me to entrepreneurship, and in addition to my PhD studies I became the founder and CEO of a start-up company developing a novel biosynthetic valve for transcatheter treatment of valvular heart disease.