Bertolini, Giovanna

Giovanna Bertolini, graduated from Bologna, is Head of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Division of the San Marco Veterinary Clinic of Padova, Italy since 2003. She is an expert in advanced imaging in small animals, with a special focus on multidetector-row computed tomography (MDCT) technique. As one of the first users of MDCT for pets in the world, she concentrated her research on vascular MDCT in dogs and cats, and perfusion imaging. Dr. Bertolini completed in 2009 her Ph.D with special mention of Doctor Europaeus in Veterinary and Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padova. In 2008 she obtained a Ph.D-research fellowship at the University Medical Centre of Utrecht were she joined the research group of Prof. Mathias Prokop, MD, to investigate CT post-processing techniques for cerebral MDCT perfusion data. Between 2010 and 2012 she pursued advanced education in interventional radiology in human hospitals in Italy and through customized trainings at CCMIJU (Spain) with dr. Fei Sun, MD. From 2009 to 2013, she was Contract Professor of the ‘Master of Diagnostic Imaging of the dogs and cats’ at the University of Camerino, Italy. Her Ph.D thesis ‘MDCT-row computed tomography for abdominal vascular assessment in dogs’ has been pudlished by Lambert Academic Publishing in 2010. She is author of the Chapter ‘Tomografia Computerizzata’ in the book ‘Malattie Respiratorie del cane e del gatto’ (Elsevier 2012) and recently published the first book on MDCT applications in dogs and cats ‘Body MDCT in small animals’ (Springer 2017). She is author of many research articles and abstracts on MDCT in small animals published in international peer-reviewed journals. Her current research interest focuses on various clinical applications of dual-energy CT in small animals.