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European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology

ESCG-O-1 | Friday 4 September 14.25-14.40
Gastrointestinal protectants in clinical practice: evaluation of prescription patterns among general practitioners in Portugal Novo
Novo Baptista, Ana Rita

ESCG-O-2 | Friday 4 September 14.40-14.55
Evaluation of Omeprazole Use for the Treatment of Dysrexia and Vomiting in Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease
Spencer, Ashley 

ESCG-O-3 | Friday 4 September 14.55-15.10
Endoscopic features of Feline Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Sclerosing Fibroplasia: A series of 4 cases
Tilmant, Cyril

ESCG-O-4 | Friday 4 September 15.10-15.25
Diarrhea has a greater impact on the fecal metabolome of dogs than does dietary intervention
Pilla, Rachel

ESCG-O-5 | Friday 4 September 15.25-15.40
Differential microRNA expression-profiles in feces and serum of dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathy and with gastrointestinal cancer
Lyngby, Janne 

ESCG-O-6 | Friday 4 September 15.40-15.55
Evaluation of anamnestic and clinicopathologic factors that might explain the poor correlation between pancreatic lipase concentrations (DGGR-lipase and Spec cPL) and ultrasonographic evidence of pancreatitis in dogs
Hammes, Karen

ESCG-O-7 | Friday 4 September 16.30-16.45
Hepatobiliary disorders and elevated blood urea nitrogen during the treatment are possible prognostic factors for feline pancreatitis
Kusano, Koki 

ESCG-O-8 | Friday 4 September 16.45-17.00
The effect of assisted enteral feeding on treatment outcome in dogs with inflammatory protein-losing enteropathy
Economu, Lavinia 

ESCG-O-9 | Friday 4 September 17.00-17.15
Short-term feeding with high-fat diet induces dysbiosis-associated changes of fecal metabolites consistent with changes in serum metabolomics in dogs
Allenspach, Karin 

ESCG-O-10 | Friday 4 September 17.15-17.30
Histopathological concordance of concurrent duodenal and ileal biopsy specimens in dogs
Caulfield, Sarah 

ESCG-O-11 | Friday 4 September 17.30-17.45
Comparison of interpretation of fecal culture results between three different laboratories as well as the PCR-based Dysbiosis Index in dogs
Werner, Melanie 

ESCG-O-12 | Friday 4 September 17.45-18.00
Canine acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea syndrome - a retrospective evaluation of data for the identification of possible prognostic markers
Luckschander-Zeller, Nicole

European Society of Veterinary Cardiology

ESVC-O-1 | Thursday 3 September 14.25-14.40
The Mitral INsufficiency Echocardiographic (MINE) score: a severity classification of myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs
Vezzosi, Tomasso

ESVC-O-2 | Thursday 3 September 14.40-14.55
The longitudinal outcome of canine myxomatous mitral valve disease (LOOK-Mitral) study – Baseline characteristics
Franchini, Alessandra 

ESVC-O-3 | Thursday 3 September 14.55-14.10
The prognostic value of clinical, radiographic, echocardiographic variables and biomarkers levels for assessing risk of the onset of heart failure or cardiac death in dogs with preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease: the DELAY Study
Borgarelli, Michele 

ESVC-O-4 | Thursday 3 September 14.10-15.25
Prevalence of mitral regurgitation in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with no or low-grade murmurs
Menciotti, Giulio

ESVC-O-5 Thursday 3 September 15.25-15.40
Polymorphisms in the serotonin transporter gene do not associate with myxomatous mitral valve disease or circulating serotonin levels in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Reimann, Maria Josefine

ESVC-O-6 | Thursday 3 September 15.40-15.55
Accuracy of deep learning enabled software to measure vertebral heart size in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease
Sykes, Katharine Tess 

ESVC-O-7 | Thursday 3 September 15.55-16.10
Correlation between radiographic vertebral heart size and vertebral left atrial size and echocardiographic measurements of left heart size in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease
Wesselowski, Sonya 

ESVC-O-8 | Thursday 3 September 16.10-16.25
A Prospective Multicentre Study to Determine the Accuracy of History, Physical Examination, Biochemical Parameters and Biomarkers to Identify Dogs with Stage B2 Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease: The HAMLET Study
Wilshaw, Jenny

ESVC-O-9 | Thursday 3 September 16.25-16.40
Echocardiographic Parameters to Differentiate Between Pre- and Postcapillary Pulmonary Hypertension
Sudunagunta, Siddharth

ESVC-O-10 | Friday 4 September 14.25-14.40
Utility of cardiovascular point of care ultrasound to detect pre-capillary pulmonary hypertension
Lyssens, Aurélie 

ESVC-O-11 | Friday 4 September 14.40-14.55
Rapid atrial ectopic firing in dog: a retrospective study in 10 cases
Porteiro Vázquez, Dolores María 

ESVC-O-12 | Friday 4 September 14.55-15.10
Comparison of temporary pacing techniques in dogs undergoing permanent pacemaker implantation
Prado Checa, Iñaki

ESVC-O-13 | Friday 4 September 15.10-15.25
Noninvasive electrocardiographic parameters to assess interventricular dyssynchrony in dogs with bundle branch blocks
Battaia, Stefano 

ESVC-O-14 | Friday 4 September 15.25-15.40
Comparison of three two-dimensional echocardiographic methods of assessing left ventricular size in Doberman Pinschers
Kruckman, Leah

ESVC-O-15 | Friday 4 September 15.40-15.55
ECG abnormalities in Irish wolfhounds
Vollmar, Andrea 

ESVC-O-16 | Friday 4 September 16.30-16.45
A Dog’s Dinner: Evidence of Metabolic Derangement in Dogs with Naturally Occurring Valvular Heart Disease and Congestive Heart Failure
Wilshaw, Jenny 

ESVC-O-17 | Friday 4 September 16.45-17.00
Differences in left ventricular remodelling secondary to chronic volume loading between English Springer Spaniels and two other similar athletic breeds
Dickson, Dave

ESVC-O-18 | Friday 4 September 17.00-17.15
Evaluation of cardiac troponin I as a predictor of mortality in critically ill cats
Pelander, Lena

ESVC-O-19 | Friday 4 September 17.15-17.30
Increased cardiac troponin I is a clinically useful indicator of infective endocarditis
Kilkenny, Eoin 

ESVC-O-20 | Friday 4 September 17.30-17.45
CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering to model the R820W mutation effects in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
Dutton, Luke

ESVC-O-21 | Friday 4 September 17.45-18.00
Pharmacodynamics of ACE inhibitors in dogs with cardiac disease, proteinuria or hypertension: when size matters. A retrospective study of 326 cases
Mochel, Jonathan 

ESVC-O-22 | Friday 4 September 18.00-18.15
Pharmacological properties of torasemide in healthy cats Roche-Catholy
Roche-Catholy, Marine

European Society of Veterinary Comparative Nutrition

ESVCN-O-1 | Wednesday 2 September 16.30-16.45
A long term feeding trial to aid in establishing No Observed Adverse Effect Levels (NOAELs) for different sources of phosphorus in feline diets
Coltherd, Jennifer

ESVCN-O-2 | Wednesday 2 September 16.45-17.00 
Maintenance energy requirements of cats with obesity after a period of controlled weight reduction
German, Alexander

European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

ESVCP-O-1 | Wednesday 2 September 14.25-14.40
Serum ascites albumin gradient (SAAG), ascites total nucleated cell count (TNCCascites), ascites lactate dehydrogenase (LDHascites), ascites total protein (TPascites) and their serum ratio (LDHratio and TPratio) in canine abdominal effusion
Gianesini, Giulia

ESVCP-O-2 | Wednesday 2 September 14.40-14.55
Discriminating transudates and exudates in dogs with ascites: comparison of diagnostic utility of serum ascites albumin gradient (SAAG), Boyer’s criteria, simplified Boyer’s criteria and two traditional veterinary classification based on ascites total protein (TPascites) and total nucleated cell co
Busato, Francesca

ESVCP-O-3 | Wednesday 2 September 14.55-15.10
Biochemical factors associated with ionised calcium homeostasis in healthy dogs
Tørnqvist-Johnsen, Camilla

ESVCP-O-4 | Wednesday 2 September 15.10-15.25
Predicted Ionized Calcium Status (piCs): an ancillary tool to help interpret predicted ionized calcium (piCa) in dogs
Le Boedec, Kevin

ESVCP-O-5 | Wednesday 2 September 15.25-15.40
Comparison, accuracy, and precision of cage-side and reference laboratory analyzers: Ionized calcium
Harper, Jenna

ESVCP-O-6 | Wednesday 2 September 15.40-15.55
Analytical validation of an immunoturbidimetric assay (fCAL® turbo) for the measurement of fecal calprotectin concentration in dogs
Enderle, Lena Louise 

ESVCP-O-7 | Wednesday 2 September 16.30-16.45
Impact of fasting time and blood tube additives on taurine blood concentrations in clinically healthy dogs
Kriström, Karin

ESVCP-O-8 | Wednesday 2 September 16.45-17.00
Investigation of survivin as tumor marker for dogs
Neumann, Stephan

ESVCP-O-9 | Wednesday 2 September 17.00-17.15
Stability of coagulation factors on feline fresh frozen plasma after one year of storage
Blasi Brugué, Carles

European Society of Veterinary Endocrinology

ESVE-O-1 | Friday 4 September 16.30-16.45
Urinary liver-type fatty acid binding protein and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in hyperthyroid cats before and after radioiodine treatment
Kongtasai, Thirawut 

ESVE-O-3 | Friday 4 September 16.45-17.00
The effect of the ghrelin-receptor agonist capromorelin on glucose metabolism in healthy cats
Gilor, Chen 

ESVE-O-4 | Friday 4 September 17.00-17.15  
A novel once-a-week feline recombinant insulin for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in cats
Gilor, Chen 

ESVE-O-5 | Friday 4 September 17.15-17.30
Performance of a Flash Glucose Monitoring System in cats
Gilor, Chen 

ESVE-O-6 | Friday 4 September 17.30-17.45 
A novel once-a-week canine recombinant insulin for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs
Hulsebosch, Sean

ESVE-O-7 | Saturday 5 September 08.15-08.30
RNA transcriptomic analysis as a novel in vitro hypothesis- generating tool to unravel the pathogenesis of feline hyperthyroidism
Aguiar, Joana

ESVE-O-8 | Saturday 5 September 08.30-08.45
Clinical features and outcome associated with functional thyroid tumors in 70 dogs
Scharf, Valery 

ESVE-O-9 | Saturday 5 September 08.45-09.00
Expression of proteins involved in iodine uptake in canine thyroid tumors and tumor-derived organoids
Jankovic, Jana 

ESVE-O-10 | Saturday 5 September 09.00-09.15
Urine cortisol/creatinine ratio (UCCR) can potentially identify patients with Addison disease- a pilot study
Gerou-Ferriani, Magda 

ESVE-O-11 | Saturday 5 September 09.15-09.30
Hypophysectomy as successful treatment of feline hypersomatotropism: a case series of 25 cats  
van Bokhorst, Kirsten

ESVE-O-12 | Saturday 5 September 09.30-09.45
Investigation of genetic risk factors for diabetes mellitus in European Burmese cats using whole genome sequencing technology
Hazuchova, Katarina 

ESVE-O-13 | Saturday 5 September 09.45-10.00
Insulin glargine 300 units/ml for the treatment of feline diabetes mellitus
Linari, Guido 

ESVE-O-14 | Saturday 5 September 10.00-10.15
Glycemic variability in diabetic cats with and without concurrent diseases
Krämer, Anna Lena 

ESVE-O-15 | Saturday 5 September 10.15-10.30
Combined treatment of trilostane and retinoic acid in dogs with Pituitary-Dependent Hypercortisolism
Miceli, Diego 

ESVE-O-16 | Saturday 5 September 11.20-11.35
Canine Pituitary Adenoma Organoids
Sanders, Karin 

ESVE-O-17 | Saturday 5 September 11.35-11.50
Calcium and phosphate homeostasis in dogs with naturally occurring hypercortisolism
Corsini, Andrea 

ESVE-O-18 | Saturday 5 September 11.50-12.05
Gut microbiome evaluation in dogs with Naturally-occurring Hyperadrenocorticism
Gomes, Alexandre 

ESVE-O-19 | Saturday 5 September 12.05-12.20
Efficacy and safety of tightly controlled hyperadrenocesvorticism in dogs treated with trilostane in general practice
Foster, Sue 

ESVE-O-20 | Saturday 5 September 12.20-12.35
MicroRNAs as liquid biomarkers for canine Cushing’s syndrome  
Vedlhuizen, Anouk

ESVE-O-21 | Saturday 5 September 12.35-12.50
Machine learning based prediction of dogs with Cushing’s syndrome using primary-care veterinary electronic health records
Schofield, Imogen

European Society of Veterinary Internal Medicine

ESVIM-O-1 | Thursday 3 September 12.05-12.20
Relationship between bronchial collapse and heart size in coughing dogs with heart murmur studied by computed tomography Lebastard
Lebastard, Matthieu

ESVIM-O-2 | Thursday 3 September 12.20-12.35
Aspergillus qPCR testing on nasal swab: a useful tool for diagnosis and follow-up of sinonasal aspergillosis in dogs?
Bienes, Tom 

ESVIM-O-3 | Thursday 3 September 12.35-12.50
Characterization of the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid by single cell gene expression analysis in healthy dogs: a promising technique.
Fastrès, Aline 

ESVIM-O-4 | Thursday 3 September 12.50-13.05
Intradermal testing in dogs with eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy
De Simoi, Vanessa

ESVIM-O-5 | Thursday 3 September 13.05-13.20
Effects of calcitriol on oxidative burst, phagocytic function, and cytokine production in shelter dog leukocytes
Jaffey, Jared 

ESVIM-O-6 | Thursday 3 September 14.25-14.40
Immune function and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in shelter dogs
Jaffey, Jared

ESVIM-O-7 | Thursday 3 September 14.40-14.55
Clinical, clinicopathological and imaging differences between dogs with non-associative, associative and precursor immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia
Ferreira, Aida 

ESVIM-O-8 | Thursday 3 September 14.55-15.10
Feline leukaemia virus false positive results using an in-house test in cats with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia Izquierdo
Izquierdo Robert, Laura

ESVIM-O-9 | Thursday 3 September 15.10-15.25
Clinical, clinicopathological and imaging differences between cats with non-associative, associative and precursor Immune-Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia
Ferreira, Aida 

ESVIM-O-10 | Thursday 3 September 15.25-15.40
Clinical, diagnostic findings and short-term outcome in 27 cats with non-regenerative anemia due to bone marrow disorders
Cervone, Mario 

ESVIM-O-11 | Thursday 3 September 15.40-15.55
Comparison of Clinical examination, laboratory findings, prognosis and long-term follow-up between client-owned ill cats naturally infected either by Mycoplasma haemofelis or Candidatus Mycoplasma haemominutum in a single practice
Beaudu-Lange, Claire 

ESVIM-O-12 | Thursday 3 September 15.55-16.10
Clinical and diagnostic findings and outcome in 58 dogs with immune-mediated polyarthritis
Cervone, Mario 

ESVIM-O-13 | Thursday 3 September 16.10-16.25
The Mercury Challenge: Feline systolic blood pressure in primary care practice, a European survey
Sparkes, Andrew 

ESVIM-O-14 | Thursday 3 September 16.25-16.40
A proteomic evaluation of greyhound meningoencephalitis using quantitative mass spectrometry highlights the consideration of viral triggers
Guzmán Ramos, Pedro 

European Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology

ESVNU-O-1 | Friday 4 September 09.00-09.15
Prospective evaluation of urinary alkaline phosphatase and ?-glutamyl transpeptidase as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of acute kidney injury in dogs
Nivy, Ran 

ESVNU-O-2 | Friday 4 September 09.15-09.30
Laboratory variation of feline urinary protein: creatinine ratio
Mortier, Femke 

ESVNU-O-3 | Friday 4 September 09.30-09.45 
Liver-type fatty acid binding protein and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in feline chronic kidney disease and feline hyperthyroidism
Kongtasai, Thirawut 

ESVNU-O-4 | Friday 4 September 09.45-10.00
Evaluation of cystatin B as a marker of acute kidney injury in dogs and cats
Chen, Hilla

ESVNU-O-5 Friday 4 September 10.00-10.15
Soluble alpha klotho in senior cats
Sargent, Hannah 

ESVNU-O-6 | Friday 4 September 10.15-10.30
Risk factors associated with disturbances of calcium homeostasis following the initiation of phosphate-restricted diet in cats with chronic kidney disease
Tang, Pak Kan  

ESVNU-O-7 | Friday 4 September 11.20-11.35
The Effect of Bacteriuria on Survival and Disease Progression in Cats with Azotemic Chronic Kidney Disease
Hindar, Camilla

ESVNU-O-8 | Friday 4 September 11.35-11.50
Renal AA-amyloidosis in shelter cats: a retrospective study based on clinico-pathological data, light microscopy and ultrastructural features
Ferri, Filippo 

ESVNU-O-9 | Friday 4 September 11.50-12.05 
Survival rate and prognostic factors in dogs with acute on chronic kidney disease
Dunaevich, Asia 

European Society of Veterinary Oncology

ESVONC-O-1 | Saturday 5 September 14.25-14.40
Prognostic impact of time interval between surgery and initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy following limb amputation in dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma without distant metastases
Marconato, Laura

ESVONC-O-2 | Saturday 5 September 14.40-14.55
Phase I dose escalation study of 12b80 – hydroxybisphosphonate linked doxorubicin – in dogs with naturally occurring osteosarcoma
Boyé, Pierre 

ESVONC-O-3 | Saturday 5 September 14.55-15.10
Factors associated with the onset of neutropenia in dogs receiving lomustine-based chemotherapy
Treggiari, Elisabetta 

ESVONC-O-4 | Saturday 5 September 15.10-15.25
Prevalence of reproduction pathologies and associated death with survival analysis among bitches over 6 years of age in a single practice
Beaudu-Lange, Claire 

ESVONC-O-6 | Saturday 5 September 15.40-15.55
Prevalence of peripheral blood and bone marrow infiltration in canine extranodal lymphoma
Attorri, Valeria

ESVONC-O-7 | Saturday 5 September 16.30-16.45
A preliminary immunohistochemical study of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) expression and its prognostic significance in 57 canine anal sac adenocarcinomas
Mosca, Andrea 

ESVONC-O-8 | Saturday 5 September 16.45-17.00
Unravelling tumour-driving mutations in canine mast cell tumours and metastatic lymph nodes by next generation sequencing
Arendt, Maja

ESVONC-O-9 | Saturday 5 September 17.00-17.15
Alternative lengthening of telomeres in canine histiocytic sarcomas of Bernese Mountain dogs and other breeds is infrequently used as telomere maintenance mechanism
Kreilmeier-Berger, Theresa 

ESVONC-O-10 | Saturday 5 September 17.15-17.30
Effect of low dose rate half body irradiation on the remission and survival times for dogs with multicentric, substage a, B cell lymphoma treated with multiagent chemotherapy
Best, Matthew 

ESVONC-O-11 | Saturday 5 September 17.30-17.45
The use of a combined prebiotic and probiotic oral product and its impact on stool consistency in dogs undergoing radiotherapy
Espada Castro, Laura Sofia

International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases

ISCAID-O-1  | Thursday 3 September 09.00-09.15
Canine vaccination in Germany: a survey of owner attitudes and compliance
Eschle, Simone

ISCAID-O-2 | Thursday 3 September 09.15-09.30
Comparison of four commercially available point-of-care tests to detect antibodies against canine parvovirus in dogs
Bergmann, Michèle 

ISCAID-O-3 | Thursday 3 September 09.30-09.45 
Detection of pathogens implicated in canine infectious respiratory disease complex in dogs without respiratory signs hospitalized in a veterinary teaching hospital
Brunet, Audrey 

ISCAID-O-4 | Thursday 3 September 09.45-10.00
Outbreak of acute hemorrhagic diarrhea in dogs in Norway; is Providencia alcalifaciens involved?
Haaland, Anita Haug 

ISCAID-O-5 | Thursday 3 September 10.00-10.15
Demographic risk factors for canine leptospirosis in the UK
Taylor, Collette 

ISCAID-O-6 | Thursday 3 September 10.15-10.30
Ecological niche modelling to explore probability of presence of canine leptospirosis in Great Britain
Taylor, Collette  

ISCAID-O-7 | Thursday 3 September 10.30-10.45
Increased frequency of exercise intolerance, coagulation and haematological abnormalities in Angiostrongylus vasorum infected vs. non-infected dogs
Willesen, Jakob 

ISCAID-O-8 | Thursday 3 September 11.05-11.20
Virulence factors might be implicated in clinical presentation of urinary tract infections caused by Escherichia coli in dogs and cats
Jousserand, Nicolas 

ISCAID-O-9 | Thursday 3 September 11.20-11.35
Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL-E) In Companion Animals And Humans - Clinical Environment Versus Households
Schmitt, Kira 

ISCAID-O-10 | Thursday 3 September 11.35-11.50
Extended-spectrum-beta-lactamases- and carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae isolated from the gut of sick companion animals in Portugal
Pomba, Constança  

ISCAID-O-11 | Thursday 3 September 11.50-12.05
Plasmid-mediated colistin resistance mcr-1 gene harboured on multi-drug resistant isolates from companion animals in Portugal
Pomba, Constança 

Society of Comparative Hepatology

SCH-O-1 | Thursday 3 September 09.45-10.05
Clinical and clinicopathological findings in dogs other than Scottish Terriers with idiopathic vacuolar hepatopathy
Merino-Gutierrez, Virginia 

SCH-O-2 Thursday 3 September 10.05-10.25
Comparison of lactulose, metronidazole and hepatic specific diet in controlling clinical signs in dogs with congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts – a randomized clinical trial
Serrano, Gonçalo 

SCH-O-3 | Thursday 3 September 10.25-10.45 
Hepatic lead and copper concentrations in dogs with chronic hepatitis
Gori, Eleonora 

SCH-P-1 | Thursday 3 September 11.20-11.35
Hepatocyte ploidy in cats with and without hepatocellular carcinoma
Johnston, Andrea 

SCH-P-2 | Thursday 3 September 11.35-11.50
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in dogs with gallbladder mucocele
Jaffey, Jared

SCH-P-3 | Thursday 3 September 11.50-12.05
Use of NanoString technology® to evaluate gene expression patterns in dogs with neutrophilic cholangitis
Martinez, Carlos 

SCH-P-4 | Thursday 3 September 12.05-12.20
The lidocaine/monoethylglycylxylidide liver function test to assess shunt closure in dogs with attenuated congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts
Devriendt, Nausikaa 

SCH-P-6 | Thursday 3 September 12.35-12.50
Bile acid and bilirubin measurement in canine peritoneal fluid samples with and without biliary tract rupture
Pascual, Mireia 

SCH-P-7 | Thursday 3 September 12.50-13.05
Culture and Maintenance of Well-Differentiated Canine Hepatic Organoids and Urinary Bladder Organoids
Gabriel, Vojtech