Capsule Endoscopy & GI Disease

Infiniti Medical Lab: Capsule endoscopy & GI Disease - a new & non-invasive imaging modality

This session will focus on a new non invasive imaging technology requiring no anaesthesia, sedation, restriction of movement or expensive capital equipment and will discuss its role in assessing GI mucosa. GI bleeding and other GI diseases that can be diagnosed using capsule endoscopy (CE) will be discussed.

The goals of this session are to:

-provide an overview of the role of CE in human & veterinary GI diagnostics
-introduce the participants to a new minimally invasive GI imaging technology - ALICAM
-offer case studies & examples to elaborate

Date: Wednesday 5 September
Registration fee: € 50.00 (incl 21% VAT)
Time: 16.00-17.00 hrs
Venue: De Doelen Congress Centre Rotterdam, Schadee zaal
Registration: De Doelen Congress Centre Rotterdam