ESCG Oral Abstract Presenters Bio

Chi-Hsuan Sung

Chi-Hsuan Sung is a PhD candidate at the Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on gut microbiome and metabolome in dogs and cats with gastrointestinal disease.

Maria Veronica Giordano

Dr. Maria Veronica Giordano graduated with a DVM in 2014 at the University of Teramo, Italy. From 2014 Dr. Giordano worked as a doctor in small animal practice in Rome, then moved to Abruzzo where she continued to work as a freelance, collaborating with various structures, mainly dealing with internal medicine, intensive care, and emergency. From 2016-2018 Dr. Giordano concluded a MSc in “Gastroenterology of dog and cat”, at the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine, University of Pisa. From 2014-2019 Dr. Giordano participated in National and International conferences in small animal internal medicine, mainly focusing on the gastroenterology of dogs and cats. For the year 2019, Dr. Giordano concluded an educational-hospital collaboration grant in small animal internal medicine at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Teramo, under the supervision of Professor Andrea Boari. From 2019 Dr. Giordano works daily at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Teramo, mainly dealing with small animal internal medicine. From the 1st of November 2019, Dr.Giordano is a PhD student in “Veterinary Medical Sciences, Public Health, and Animal Welfare” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo, Italy, with project research on“Evaluation of lipidomic profile of the erythrocyte’s membrane and intestinal microbiota in cats with chronic enteropathies”. Since 2019 Dr. Giordano is a member of Endovet and SCIVAC and from 2023 of ESCGS. In 2023, she completed a three-month visit to the Gastrointestinal LAB at Texas A&M University during her PhD program.

Janne G. Lyngby

Janne Lyngby received her DVM from University of Copenhagen in 2012, and completed a small animal rotating internship at University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, in 2013. From 2013-2016 she completed a Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency at Washington State University. Janne is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine - Small Animal Internal Medicine and is currently doing a clinical PhD in Clinical Pathology and Oncology at University of Copenhagen evaluating biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases in dogs and cats.
Janne’s research interests include gastroenterology, endocrinology, and hemostasis."

Kenneth Simpson

Kenny Simpson graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh University, in 1984, and gained a PhD in pancreatic and intestinal function at the University of Leicester in 1988. An internship at the University of Pennsylvania and residency in small animal medicine at THE Ohio State University were followed by a lectureship at Royal Veterinary College. He joined the faculty at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 1995.He is a Diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is a past-president of the comparative gastroenterology society recipient of the National Phi Zeta and Pfizer awards for research, AVMF/AKC Career Achievement Award in Canine Research, the BSAVA Bourgelat Award for outstanding contributions to the field of small animal practice and the WSAVA Award for Scientific AchievementHis research interests are focused on inflammatory diseases of the GI tract (including the pancreas and liver), host bacterial interactions in health and disease, and culture independent bacteriology.

Federica Cagnasso

Dr. Federica Cagnasso graduated from the Turin University of Veterinary Sciences in 2017. After graduation, she completed a one-year specialist internship in small animal internal medicine at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Turin. Since 2018, she has been working full-time in the small animal internal medicine department at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Turin, with a focus in the field of gastroenterology. In 2021, she became a PhD student in gastroenterology and her research topic is "Characterization of clinicopathologic, microbiomic and metabolomic changes in dogs with protein-losing enteropathy".

Carla Giuditta Vecchiato

Carla Giuditta Vecchiato received her DVM degree from the University of Bologna in 2014. She finished her PhD in Veterinary Sciences in 2018 on dietary strategies to improve intestinal health by modulating the gut microbiota of dogs and cats. After temporal positions in companion animal practice, she worked as a post-doc and adjunct professor on small animal nutrition at the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences at the University of Bologna, and as a veterinary nutrition consultant for clinicians. Currently, she is involved in an alternative residency program at the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, ECVCN (supervisor Dr. B. Dobenecker, LMU, Munich, Germany). Since 2023, she has been employed as a junior assistant professor at the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences at the University of Bologna.

Lukas Huber

Lukas completed his veterinary degree at the Vetmeduni Vienna in 2016.
After 2 years in private practice and an internal medicine fellowship at the Vetmeduni Vienna, he is now an ECVIM-CA resident in internal medicine at the Vetmeduni Vienna since 2020.

Rachel Pilla

Rachel Pilla is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Texas A&M University. Her main research interest is host-pathogen interactions and their role in disease. Her current research at the GI lab focuses on the characterization of intestinal microbiota and its metabolites in animal models with spontaneously occurring gastrointestinal diseases.

Saskia Siegrist

Katherine Tolbert

Dr. Katie Tolbert completed her small animal internal medicine residency and Ph.D. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences at North Carolina State University. She is a clinical associate professor in the Gastrointestinal Laboratory at Texas A&M University and is a member of the Dog Aging Project consortium. She also holds a position as a Clinical Veterinary Instructor at North Carolina State University and is pursuing an alternate-track residency in small animal nutrition at the University of Tennessee. Her clinical interests and research program are focused on the treatment of acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases in dogs and cats. She has published over 75 peer-review manuscripts and received the Zoetis award for Excellence in Veterinary Research in 2018.
ESCG-O-11 Evangelia Stavroulaki I graduated from the University of Thessaly in Greece in 2016, then completed a one-year small animal medicine post-graduate training in November 2017, followed by a PhD which was about the effects of antibiotic use during early life on the gastrointestinal microbiota of young cats. I completed my PhD in April 2022. Since September 2021 I have move to Dublin and completed a rotating internship and currently doing a specialty internship at UCD Veterinary hospital.  

Paul Remmel
- Veterinary studies in the National Vet University of Lyon, France.
- Rotating internship and specialised internship in internal medicine at the National Vet University of Alfort, France.
- Specialised internship in gastro-enterology at the National Vet University of Alfort, France.
- Master degree in biomedical sience.
- ECVIM resident at the National Vet University of Alfort, France."