Awards Lisbon 2015

This year, BSAVA have kindly provided two prizes per society, comprising a book (chosen by the award winner) from the BSAVA series.  The prize is intended to be given for an oral or porster presentation, and can be for a first, second or third prize.  For instance, where a society also has awards sponsored by other companies (see below), the BSAVA award is usually given for the second or third prize.

Awards Lisbon



Best oral communication
Comparative analysis of the faecal virome of healthy dogs and dogs with chronic enteropathy
P.S. Moreno1, J. Wagner2, J.R. Gilkerson1, M. Stevens3, C.D. Kirkwood2, C.S. Mansfield1
1The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
2Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia
3The Australian Genome Research Facility, Melbourne, Australia                                      

Second best oral communication
A comparison of ultrasonographic and clinical findings in 293 dogs with acute pancreatitis: different clinical presentation with left limb, right limb, or diffuse involvement of the pancreas
R. Lobetti1, E. Lindquist2, J. Frank2, N. Ondreka3, J. McLean1
1Bryanston Veterinary Hospital, Bryanston, South Africa
2SonoPath, New jersey, United States of America
3University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany

Best poster communication
The influence of a moderate intensity short duration exercise on serum C-reactive protein and fecal S100A12 concentrations in adult dogs
A. Grellet1, S. Dubois1, A. Feugier1, C. Girardet2, S. Magnan2, V. Andréo2, G. Trombini2, C.A. Boehringer1, J. Suchodolski3, J. Steiner3
1Royal Canin, Aimargues, France
2Veterinary Department of the French Army Health Service, Suippes, France
3Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Texas A&M University, College station, United States of America



Endoscopic investigation of the gastroesophageal junction dynamics in dogs with brachycephalic syndrome.
E. Vangrinsven, O. Broux, S. Claeys, C. Clercx, F. Billen
University of Liège, Liège, Belgium

Giardia duodenalis in dogs and cats: an epidemiological study
S. Rehbein1, C. Klotz2, E. Müller3, A. Aebischer2, B. Kohn1
1Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin, Germany
3Laboklin, Berlin, Germany




Best oral communication
Evaluation of different sampling methods and criteria for diagnosing canine urinary tract infection by quantitative bacterial culture
T.M. Soerensen1, A.B. Jensen2, P.P. Damborg1, L. Guardabassi1, L.R. Jessen1
1University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg c, Denmark
2Nordfyns Dyreklinik, Otterup, Denmark

Second best oral communication
Major international high-risk resistant human Klebsiella pneumoniae lineages are causing urinary tract infections in companion animals.
C. Marques1, J. Menezes1, G. Trigueiro2, A. Belas1, M. Coelho3, V. Pereira3, C. Pomba1
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
2Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves, Lisbon, Portugal
3VetinLab, Lisbon, Portugal



Best oral communication
New insights in functional zonation of the canine adrenal cortex
K. Sanders, J.A. Mol, H.S. Kooistra, S Galac
Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Best poster communication
The use of a novel latex immunoagglutination inhibition method for haemoglobin A1c measurements in dogs
S. Spence, A. Hope, I.K. Ramsey
Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland



Best oral communication
Cytologic evalutations of canine intestinal lymphoma via endoscopic squash-prep cytology.
M. Didier1, W. Bertazzolo2, S. Comazzi3, G. Rossi4, E. Bottero5
1Laboratorio veterinario di analisi bitta, STRADELLA (PV), Italy
2Ospedale Veterinario „città di Pavia„, PAVIA, Italy
3Università degli Studi di Milano, MILANO, Italy
4Università di Camerino, CAMERINO, Italy
5Clinica Albanese, CUNEO, Italy

Best poster communication
Reproducibility of urine sediment examination using two different methods
P. Scarpa, V. Filippi, T. Vitiello, S. Paltrinieri, G. Rossi
University of Milan, Milan, Italy

Case 3
Haemolytic anaemia in a dog.



Best oral communication
Association of histopathological features and COX-2 expression in canine renal carcinomas with clinical outcome
S. Carvalho1, A Stoll2, S L. Priestnall2, A Suarez- Bonnet3, A Lara-Garcia1
1Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Royal Veterinary College, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
2Royal Veterinary College - Pathology and Pathogen Biology, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
3University Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Las palmas gran canaria, Spain

Second best oral communication
Prognostic significance of morphological variant of canine diffuse large b-cell lymphomas : a retrospective study of 49 cases
D. Sayag1, C. Fournel-Fleury2, T. Marchal3, F. Ponce4
1Vetagro Sup - Campus Veterinaire de Lyon, Marcy l'etoile, France
2Unité de Recherche ICE Cancerologie / Laboratoire de Pathologie Clinique, Marcy l'etoile, France
3Unité de Recherche ICE Cancerologie, Marcy l'etoile, France
4Clinical Oncology Unit / Unité de Recherche ICE Cancerologie, Marcy l'etoile, France

Best poster communication
Intratumoral FoxP3 expression in malignant canine mammary tumors: its association with clinicopathological parameters, angiogenesis and prognosis
M.I. Carvalho, I. Pires, J. Prada, F.L. Queiroga
University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Vila real, Portugal



Endocrine profile of 402 obese dogs.
D. J. Rochel, C. AMATO, P. NGUYEN, L. Jaillardon, B. Siliart
Oniris, Nantes Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine,Food Science,Engineering, Nantes cedex 03, France

Complications of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in dogs and cats receiving corticosteroid therapy: a retrospective case-control study
J. Aguiar, Y.M. Chang, O. Garden
Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield, United Kingdom



Hepatocyte-derived microRNA-122 as an early serum biomarker of hepatocellular injury in dogs.
K. Dirksen1, H. Fieten1, B. Spee1, T. Verzijl1, I.A. Burgener1, T.S.G.A.M van den Ingh2
1Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2TCCI Consultancy BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The use of hyaluronic acid and TGF-β in 83 dogs with different stage of liver fibrosis
A. Lecoindre1, B. Rannou1, M. Menard2, M. Chevallier3, M. Hugonnard1, G. Benchekroun2, J. Hernandez4, R. Oliveira Leal4, A. Pagnon5, O. Toulza6, M. Destro7, V. Miette7, J.L. Cadoré1, P. Lecoindre8
1Vetagro-sup Veterinary school Lyon, Marcy l'étoile, France
2National Veterinary School of Alfort, Paris, France
3Biomnis, Lyon, France
4Fregis veterinary clinic, Paris, France
5Novotec, Lyon, France
6Aquivet, Bordeaux, France
7Echosens, Paris, France
8CVC veterinary clinic, Lyon, France