Awards Goteborg 2016

This year, BSAVA have kindly provided two prizes per society, comprising a book (chosen by the award winner) from the BSAVA series.  The prize is intended to be given for an oral or porster presentation, and can be for a first, second or third prize.  For instance, where a society also has awards sponsored by other companies (see below), the BSAVA award is usually given for the second or third prize.

Awards Goteborg



Best oral communication

Endoscopic measurement of pyloric diameter in healthy cats. A prospective study of 20 cases.
A. Lamoureux, G. Benchekroun, V. Freiche
Université Paris Est, Ecole nationale vétérinaire d'Alfort, Maisons-alfort, France

Best poster communication

Breed association of endoscopically diagnosed gastric neoplasia and metaplasia in purebred dogs - a retrospective study
M.V. Candido, S. Pernilla, S. Kilpinen, T. Spillmann
University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland




Best oral communication - ESVIM

Comparative analysis of the respiratory microbiota of healthy dogs and dogs with canine idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
E. Roels, B. Taminiau, E. Darnis, F. Neveu, G. Daube, C. Clercx
University of Liège, Liège, Belgium

Beste poster communication - ESVIM

Pleural effusion in cats: 465 cases (2009-2014)
M. Dominguez Ruiz, F. Vessières, G. Ragetly, J.L. Hernandez
CHV Frégis, Arcueil, France

Beste poster communication - ISCAID

Nosocomial faecal colonization by extended-spectrum β-lactamase producer Gram-negative bacteria in healthy dogs
A. Belas, J. Correia, C. Marques, A. Reisinho, N. Couto, R. Bessa, L. Telo Da Gama, C. Pomba
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - CIISA, Lisboa, Portugal




Investigation of a cell culture model for the study of fibrosis in the feline kidney
J.S. Lawson, H.M. Syme, C.P. Wheeler-Jones, J. Elliott
Royal Veterinary College, London, United Kingdom

Detection of morbillivirus and other paramyxoviruses in urine samples from geriatric cats with and without evidence of azotaemic chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United Kingdom (UK)
K.E. McCallum, S. Stubbs, L.S. Tiley, T.L. Williams
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom



Best poster communication

Elucidating Risk Factors for Feline Diabetes Mellitus
T . Öhlund1, A. Egenvall1, T. Fall2, H. Hamlin1, H. Röcklinsberg1, B. Ström Holst1
1 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
2 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden



Best oral communication

Predictive Model to Estimate Ionized Calcium from Routine Serum Biochemical Profiles in Dogs
J. Danner1, M.D. Ridgway1, S.I. Rubin1, K. Le Boedec2
1 University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Champaign, United States of America
2 CHV Fregis, Arcueil, France

Best poster communication

Lymphatic leukemia/ lymphoma stage V in dogs diagnosed and immunophenotyped with flow cytometry and PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangement (PARR) in a routine laboratory: 23 cases
K. Garreis, A. Kehl, C.N. Weber, E. Müller
Laboklin GmbH & Co.KG, Bad kissingen, Germany



Beste oral communication

Alternative lengthening of telomeres is used as telomere maintenance mechanism in various canine sarcomas
T. Kreilmeier1, S. Sampl2, M. Hauck3, I. Walter4, M. Reifinger5, K. Holzmann2, M. Kleiter6
1University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vienna, Austria
2Division of Cancer Research, Department of Medicine I, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Vienna, Austria
3Department of Clinical Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, United States of America
4Vet Core Facility, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vienna, Austria
5Department of Pathobiology, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vienna, Austria
6Department for Companion Animals and Horses, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria

Best poster communication

Identification of germ-line genetic risk factors for development of mast cell tumors in golden retrievers.
M.L. Arendt1, M. Starkey2, K. Lindblad-Toh1
1 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2 Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, United Kingdom


 Best Oral Communication won the Jan Rothuizen award sponsored by Hill's 500 euros

K. Dirksen

Best oral communications

Lipid accumulation in canine portosystemic shunts
L. van den Bossche, G.C.M. Grinwis, I.A. Burgener, B.J. Helms, J.F.H.M. Brouwers, M.E. van Wolferen, V.A.C. Schoonenberg, B. Spee, F.G. van Steenbeek
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Long-term adult feline liver organoid cultures for disease modelling of hepatic lipidosis
H.S. Kruitwagen1, L.A. Oosterhoff2, G.W.H. Vernooij2, I.M. Schrall2, M.E. van Wolferen2, F. Bannink2, C. Roesch2, L. van Uden2, C. Valtolina2, M.R. Molenaar3, M.W. Haaker3, J.B. Helms3, G.C.M. Grinwis4, L.J. van der Laan5, M. Huch6, N. Geijsen7, R.G. Vries7, H. Clevers7, J. Rothuizen2, B.A. Schotanus2, L.C. Penning2, B. Spee2
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
2Dept. Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Fac. of Veterinary Medine, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
3Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, Netherlands
4Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
5Department of Surgery, Erasmus MC-University Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
6Wellcome Trust/MRC Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
7Hubrecht Institute, University Medical Centre, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands




Beste oral communication

History and clinical findings in 87 cats presenting with dyspnoea in general practice: a prospective investigation
D. Dickson1, C. Little2, J. Harris1, M. Rishniw3
1 HeartVets, Bridgend, United Kingdom
2 Barton Vets, Canterbury, United Kingdom
3 VIN, Ithaca, United States of America

Second best oral communication

Three-dimensional echocardiographic comparison of mitral valve morphology in Cavalier King Charles spaniels to mitral valve morphology in dogs of other breeds
G. Menciotti1, J. Häggström2, I. Ljungvall2, M. Aherne1, S. Wesselowski1, J. Abbott1, M. Borgarelli1
1 Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, United States of America
2 Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala, Sweden

Best poster communication

Right ventricular outflow tract fractional shortening: a new echocardiographic index of the right ventricular systolic function
D. Caivano1, F. Birettoni1, M. Rishniw2, V. Patata1, M.E. Giorgi1, F. Porciello1
1 University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy
2 Veterinary Information Network, Davis, United States of America