Prichard, Roger

James McGill Professor, McGill University, Institute of Parasitology, Canada
BSc UNSW; PhD UNSW Australia
Postdoc: Animal Science, Parasitology, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK,
Docteur Honoris causa, Université Paul Sabatier, France
World Association for the Advancement Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) Hon Life Member
WAAVP/Bayer Teaching Award
Fellow, Australian Society for Parasitology
Honorary Diplomate European Veterinary Parasitology College
WAAVP/Pfizer Research Award
Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist, American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP)
Wardle Medal, Canadian Society of Zoologists
Helminth Disease Group, World Health Organization (WHO)
Task Force on Helminth Drug Initiative, WHO
Advisory Committee, Children without Worms
Expert Advisor, Soil Transmitted Helminth, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Expert Advisory Committee, WHO Onchocerciasis Control Programme
Canadian Pacific Professor of Biotechnology, McGill 1998-2004
President, WAAVP 1995-99
President, AAVP 1990-91
Vice-Principal (Research) & Dean Graduate Studies, McGill 1990-95
Director, Institute of Parasitology, McGill 1984-1990; 2000-2001
Pro Vice Chancellor (Research), University of the West Indies 1997-98

Research: Optimizing parasiticides against animal & human parasites, drug resistance & parasite control. 283 publications; 7 patents; Google Scholar H index = 59; citations = 12,289
Selected recent publications:
Mani T, Bourguinat C, Keller K, Carreton E, Peregrine A, Prichard RK 2016 Polymorphism in ion channel genes of Dirofilaria immitis: Relevant knowledge for future anthelmintic drug design. Int J Parasitol : Drugs Drug Res 6:343-355.
Kotze AC, Prichard RK (2016) Anthelmintic resistance in Haemonchus contortus: History, mechanisms and diagnosis. Adv Parasitol 93: 397-428.
Mani T, Bourguinat C, Keller K, Ashraf S, Blagburn B, Prichard RK (2016) Interaction of macrocyclic lactones with a Dirofilaria immitis P-glycoprotein. Int J Parasitol 46: 631-640.
Bourguinat C, Che H, Mani T, Keller K, Prichard RK (2016) ABC-B transporter genes in Dirofilaria immitis. Int J Parasitol : Drugs Drug Res 6(2): 116-124.
Godoy P, Che H, Beech RN, Prichard RK (2015) Characterization of Haemonchus contortus P-glycoprotein-16 and its interaction with the macrocyclic lactone anthelmintics. Mol Biochem Parasitol 204(1): 11-15.
Bourguinat C, Lee ACY, Lizundia R, Blagburn BL, Liotta JL, Kraus MC, Keller K, Epe C, Letourneau L, Kleinman CL, Paterson T, Carreton Gomez E, Montoya-Alonso JA, Smith H, Bhan A, Peregrine AS, Carmichael J, Drake J, Schenker R, Kaminsky R, Bowman DD, Geary TG, Prichard RK (2015) Macrocyclic lactone resistance in Dirofilaria immitis: Failure of heartworm preventives and investigation of genetic markers for resistance. Vet Parasitol 210: 167-178.
Godoy P, Lian J, Beech RN, Prichard RK (2015) Haemonchus contortus P-glycoprotein-2: In situ localization and characterization of macrocyclic lactone transport. Int J Parasitol 45: 85-93.
Pulaski CN, Malone JB, Bourguinat C, Prichard R, Geary T, Ward D, Klei T, Guidry T, Smith G, Delcambre B, Bova J, Pepping J, Carmichael J, Schenker R, Pariaut R, (2014) Establishment of macrocyclic lactone resistant Dirofilaria immitis isolates in experimentally infected laboratory dogs. Parasites & Vectors 7: 494.
Urdaneta-Marquez L, Bae SH, Janukavicius P, Beech R, Dent J, Prichard R (2014) A dyf-7 haplotype causes sensory neuron defects and is associated with macrocyclic lactone resistance worldwide in the nematode parasite Haemonchus contortus. Int J Parasitol 44:1063-1071.