Catchpole, Brian

My current role involves both teaching and research. I teach immunology and pre-clinical science on the Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences undergraduate degree courses as well as on taught Masters courses. I am the Departmental Teaching Co-ordinator for Pathobiology & Population Sciences, overseeing staff involved in teaching, learning and assessment. My research interests centre around comparative immunology in companion animal species, and includes research projects focused on cancer immunotherapy in dogs, immunogenetics of vaccine responses, immune-mediated disease and immunosenescence. I have supervised several MRes and PhD students, who have undertaken research into companion animal endocrinopathies, including:

Yaiza Forcada; Co-funded by Morris Animal Foundation. Genetics and pathophysiology of feline diabetes mellitus. PhD awarded July 2015.

Alisdair Boag; BBSRC iCASE Studentship with Dechra Ltd. An immunological and genomic study of canine hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s disease). PhD awarded Feb 2014.

Jamie Adams; BBSRC iCASE PhD studentship with Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health. Molecular biology of canine and feline insulin: genetic, immunological and therapeutic implications in diabetes. PhD awarded Dec 2011.

Angela Holder; Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Investigation of DLA genetic influence on development of anti-insulin antibodies in diabetic dogs. MRes awarded Sept 2011.

Lucy Davison; Intervet Animal Health. Canine diabetes mellitus: a clinical and immunological study. PhD awarded Sept 2004.

Current endocrinology research projects:

Kennel Club Charitable Trust MRes Fellowship. Serological profiling of autoantibodies in canine hypoadrenocorticism (autoimmune Addison's disease): Development of a diagnostic serology test.

Evetts Luff Feline Endowment Fund in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim. PhD: Getting the cat out of the bag: advancing the genetic knowledge in feline and human type 2 diabetes. (Co-investigator).

Research prizes:
April 2011: Petplan Charitable Trust Scientific Award for outstanding contribution to companion animal veterinary science.
April 2009: BSAVA Amoroso Award for outstanding contribution to research by a non-clinical member of academic staff.
July 2007: RCVS Trust Dame Olga Uvarov Research Medal for outstanding basic or clinical veterinary research.

Selected publications:
Boag AM, Christie MR, McLaughlin KA, Syme HM, Graham P, Catchpole B. Autoantibodies against Cytochrome P450 Side-Chain Cleavage Enzyme in Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) Affected with Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's Disease). PLoS One. 2015 Nov 30;10(11):e0143458.
Holder AL, Kennedy LJ, Ollier WE, Catchpole B. Breed differences in development of anti-insulin antibodies in diabetic dogs and investigation of the role of dog leukocyte antigen (DLA) genes. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2015;167:130-8.
Boag AM, Catchpole B. A review of the genetics of hypoadrenocorticism. Top Companion Anim Med. 2014; 29:96-101.
Adams JP, Holder AL, Catchpole B. Recombinant canine single chain insulin analogues: insulin receptor binding capacity and ability to stimulate glucose uptake. Vet J. 2014; 202:436-42.
Forcada Y, Holder A, Church DB, Catchpole B. A polymorphism in the melanocortin 4 receptor gene (MC4R:c.92) is associated with diabetes mellitus in overweight domestic shorthaired cats. J Vet Intern Med. 2014; 28:458-64.