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Hill’s Kidney care foods addressing the needs of pets with CKD

Older pets often suffer from more than one condition, such as kidney disease, reduced mobility and loss of muscle mass.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition now offers two innovative products for cats and dogs with chronic kidney disease (CKD):
• Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ k/d™ provides pets with a nutritional answer to the loss of appetite and muscle mass that many pets with CKD experience
• Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ k/d™ + Mobility is specifically formulated to manage osteoarthritis and alertness issues that are often seen in ageing pets together with CKD

Prescription Diet k/d was the first dietetic food developed by Hill’s in 1948, and has been transforming lives of pets ever since. It is the only food clinically proven to decrease episodes of uraemic crisis and support a longer and better quality of life for pets with CKD. Now the formulation was improved to stimulate appetites with optimal caloric and protein intake to help maintain muscle mass.

It now contains the breakthrough Enhance Appetite Trigger (E.A.T.)™ Technology that was specially tailored and tested among CKD patients to stimulate their appetite and increase their caloric intake. It was shown that 90% of cats with CKD significantly preferred this new food over the leading competitor and their caloric intake was increased up to 35%.

The new formulations offer a more effective amino acid profile with higher levels of all essential amino acids (at least 150% of a cat’s requirement), which act as the building blocks of protein and, in turn, muscle helping to create a buffer which is critical for patients with metabolic changes that may impact their appetite.

Muscle mass is also maintained through Prescription Diet k/d’s optimised levels of L-carnitine — which plays a central role in the regulation of energy metabolism and helps target the use of fatty acids while sparing muscle from being broken down into amino acids to be used for energy.

In addition, k/d product line was extended providing veterinarians with nutritional solutions for osteoarthritis and alertness issues, two of the most common conditions seen in senior pets together with CKD.

Prescription Diet™ k/d™ + Mobility features the same high quality protein, controlled phosphorus and sodium from k/d and also the benefits of added fatty acids to promote joint health, and antioxidants and mitochondrial cofactors to assist in management of age-related alertness issues.

k/d + Mobility Canine is the only nutrition clinically proven to prolong survival and improve quality of life in dogs with CKD as well as improve mobility in as little as 21 days in dogs with osteoarthritis. It also contains clinically proven nutrition to support vitality and alertness in older dogs.

k/d + Mobility Feline is the only nutrition clinically proven to decrease kidney-related mortality and uraemic crises in cats with CKD, improve ability to jump and decrease joint stiffness in cats with osteoarthritis in as little as 28 days. Its nutrition is proven to support vitality and alertness in cats with CKD.

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